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SIX FEET DEEP tells the story of journalist Vince, whose Afro-American colleague Danny is brutally murdered by neo-Nazis. Seeking revenge, Vince shaves his head and tries to befriend some of the local Skinheads until he finally is face to face with his friend’s murderer.


The foundation of the film was an atmospheric and very detailed script. The big challenge was to transform the story, which offered enough content to become a full-length movie, into a short film without losing the original message.


To make the scene of the movie seem as real as possible, authentic was key when chosing locations. 'Breaking Bad'-style, we trusted in the fact, that real locations would have the ability to create the desired atmosphere. Hence, we searched for dark streets, shabby houses and daunting bars all around San Diego, California. Key locations like the car park and the old warehouse for the final scene were also found in this area.

Visual Elements

The consciously chosen locations contributed a lot tot he atmosphere and the overall look of the film. Elaborately lighted and authentically decorated they became the perfect stage for the story and managed to let this dark world seem real.


Vince – The protagonist works as a journalist and likes to spend his evenings with his colleague and good friend Danny. When Danny is brutally murdered, Vince seeks revenge and discovers parts of his own personality he did not know before.

Danny – The Afro-American journalist is smart, athletic and popular. After work, he meets up with his colleague to play basketball, without knowing that the evening is going to end with a catastrophe...

Conelly – The corrupt cop is one of the leaders of the skinhead scene. Danny, who was working on a story about him and was about to reveal many secrets was a thorn in his side...

O’Callahan – After the disastrous night of the crime, Danny’s murderer is hiding in a safe house.

Crew & Equipment

Even though we were a pretty small crew the team always worked very efficient. The mixture of american and german film experiences made for new points of view and special ideas. Drew, as the author of the script, found the right words for the film’s foundation, while for Karla, as the producer, the different locations meant a lot of planning. Alejandro brought light into the darkness and Jeremy had the difficult task to squeeze the loads of filmed material into one short film.
In terms of equipment we relied on the tried and trusted of the american film industry like for example Mole Richardson. The filming was done with a F35.

post raw

Post Production

A mobile cutting space made it possible to go back to some of the locations during the cutting process. This really helped us to experience the world of SIX FEET DEEP once again and to do everything to make the fiction seem like reality in the final steps of the project. The work was done by a team of two people.


  • Director Konstantinos Sampanis
  • Writer Drew Clapp
  • Producer Karla Esquivel
  • Cinematographer Alejandro Miyashiro
  • Editor Jeremy Fabunan
  • Music by William Driskill
  • Production Design Drew Clapp
  • 1st Assistant Camera Blaise O'Dell, Jeremy Fabunan
  • 2nd Assistent Camera Jeremy Fabunan
  • 2nd Camera Operators Konstantinos Sampanis, Blaise O'Dell, Garret Eland
  • 1st Assistant Director Ian Morris
  • Dialogue Editor Kristian Rodriguez
  • Production Mixer Kristian Rodriguez
  • 2nd Production Mixer Garret Eland
  • Boom Operator Garret Eland
  • Sound Design Kristian Rodriguez, Konstantinos Sampanis
  • Visual Effects Jeremy Fabunan
  • Colorist Konstantinos Sampanis
  • CAST

  • Vince Corey Rieger
  • Danny LeVance Tarver
  • O'Callahan Stephen Nelson
  • Connelly Jimmy McCarthy
  • Jake C.J. Capes
  • Marph Aaron Adkins
  • Sussy Chyanna Specht
  • Bar Skinheads Garrett Eland, Matt Flink, Nick Costa, Lonnie Sepulveda, Drew Clapp
  • Officer Valencia Karla Esquivel
  • Stunt Driver Shaun Sauer
  • Executive Producers Martin Hernandez
  • Associate Producers Juan Rafael Esquivel, Wally Schlotter
  • Academic Advisor Greg Durbin
Film Production Vahecc Productions & MOODBOARD | KONSTANTINOS SAMPANIS